Young wood turner looking for scrap wood to turn! HELP


I have offcuts all the time, if you come this way to Pinehurst.

At first I kept them for a wood fireplace, which could not stay ahead. I dump or burn around four 70 gallon bins a month.
I sent YOU a pm. I stay in sanford so not far from you. Would be interested in some of your cutoffs. Thanks

Mountain City Bill

Mountain City Bill
Corporate Member
Hello, my name Brian and I live in the mountains of NC near Boone/Wilksboro. I recently purchased a 12 x 36 woodturning lathe and I’m having a hard time finding good hard wood to turn in my area. If anyone has any scraps or blanks they would be willing to sale or donate, it would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to travel within a reasonable distance or pay shipping costs in addition to paying for the cost of the wood. Or if anyone knows of any places online that has good materials or tools for wood turning and could let me know, any help would be appreciated!
Brian, Please let me know when you receive my private message.

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