Woodpeckers router lift


Corporate Member
That jessem you have listed there is the same one I have. I bought it on sale about this time last year. It’s been good. That woodpeckers one is for a bigger router and has a beefier lift mechanism. That specific jessem has a phenolic plate And the woodpeckers is aluminum which is a big plus in the long run. Eventually my jessem plate will probably sag. The woodpeckers also has a quick lift function so you can raise the router up for changes a lot faster. I bought the jessem one simply because that’s what I could afford at the time. I got the jessem top, master fence, stock guides, and lift all together and the extra cost was all I could do at the time. But I fully expect to upgrade at some point down the road. If I were closer I would jump all over that woodpeckers one even though I would also have to upgrade my router to fit it. That one should last you a long long time. I wouldn’t give a second thought to getting that one if you’re in the market. You will most likely not see that one for that price but once in a blue moon is that often.

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