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The exhaust pipe for a direct vent is already in place because I guess that is what was originally there. What gets me is that it passed inspection 4 years ago when we moved in ... so now I'm stuck with the issue -- nice!

As for the safety concern, I hear you and too feel the same. I'm going to see what it would cost to get a new exhaust run correctly (any takers out here on the job?) -- and then decide to do that, or buy a direct vent unit.

Steve W

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Think a few minutes about where the hot gases go:
Jeremy, is the vent outlet significantly above the level of the top of the unit? Does the horizontal pipe slope up? If the answer is yes to both I would worry less. If the plumber properly designed/executed the installation, your hot gases are still rising and going out the vent.

You can buy CO detectors for 20 bucks now if you need peace of mind.

BTW, if this unit is in your garage, I would keep gasoline cans somewhere else. From your description, it sounds like you have the "sealed" burner (with the little sightglass in the front) but I'd still keep the gasoline in the shed.

:kermit: Steve
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