Wanting to make a salt and pepper mill


Im looking to turn a couple mills. Has anyone bought a grind mechanism they liked? I hate to go through making them and they dont work well. Woodcraft has a couple and reviews seem fine. I have a pepper mill that works okay but its not great. I want a mechanism that works very well.


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I won't be of much help right now but might over the next few weeks if I can find the time to do some turning. I had similar questions back in June (look on second page of this woodturning section). It appeared that the main two mechanisms are CrushGrind and Deluxe I think. I got no answers from the forum so must not be a common project.
So I ordered three of the Crushgrind kits. I have the blanks too but just haven't had time to work on it. I will let you know how it works but won't have a Deluxe to compare it to. Just don't hold up your project because no telling when I will get them done.

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I looked at my pepper grinder and it has "Mr. Dudley" on the bottom. I got the mechanism from Craft Supplies many years ago and it has worked fine ever since. I think it came in different sizes depending on how tall you wanted the final grinder to be.

Roy G


I've gotten mill kits from WoodCraft and Craft Supplies, those are very much the same and both work well. I've also made a pepper mill with a Crushgrind mechanism. There is a difference between the two styles, the Woodcraft and Craft supplies kits will have nut at the top to adjust the grind where the Crushgrind mechanism does not, it's adjusted at the bottom. There is a little more to making a mill with the Crushgrind, the hole drilling is different and there needs to be a notch inside the top. The Woodcraft/ Craft Supplies version is more simple to make, it has an 1/8" hole through the top.
The Crushgrind is the better mechanism but I've made quite a few of the others and only had 1 salt mill come back with a broken grind wheel (it's ceramic in the salt mill).

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