Wands for b-day party


Turned these this past weekend. A friend asked for wands for his son's birthday next weekend so it was a fun little project. Not too complicated and there is no right or wrong with these since its pure imagination. Made them from maple, white oak, poplar, pecan, and apple. Only broke on in the process of making these.

Just thought I would share to encourage, simple projects are often the best ones and most enjoyable. Keep you heads up and don't be afraid to suck at something new!


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Excellent wands. Those wands seem to be enjoyed by kids of a certain age. I got a request for 10, all alike with a groove for name labels from a P-Touch. It got a bit tedious, but seeing the kids response made it all worth while.
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Michael Mathews

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When my daughters were young girls, they asked me to make them Harry Potter wands. Now they're both in they're 20's and they still have those wands when an emergency spell is in order o_O

Great project! Thanks for sharing.

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