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Hi, brand new to this site, more of a woodworker groupie : ). I hope I'm posting this in the right place?

I have an acre right outside Raleigh and have some trees/wood that I thought someone might like.

One is a diseased/spalted? maple that needs to come down, although no rush on it. It's not in danger of hitting any building. Would want to to work out a barter--you take down, cut u p into woodstove size pieces anything you can't use, and make me one thing out of it (like a utility bowl or box) to remember it by, and can have the rest. I just posted 2 photos of it

There might be a couple other spalted maples or others.

My house is on one side of the acre, the other side is wooded. There are several large trees of all sorts over there, several you could take if you can get them down safely. There's several kinds of oaks, poplars, etc.

I plan to take down (myself) an ironwood that is about 4-5 inches in diameter. Just posted photo. Does anyone do anything with ironwood? tool handles?

I also have a tall river birch that has followed the treeline of the house. It will be tricky to take down, but thought it could be used to make a cool Adirondeck bed.

I have a few small pieces of chestnut, from the original fence-work of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The park service was taking all this down a few years back and gave to us interpretive rangers to burn in our campfire programs--it seemed blasphemous so I saved a few pieces. If anyone's feeling altruistic, I'd love to have someone make something that could be given to the surviving CCC folks who helped build the Parkway. It's very soft wood, but it seems something could be made out of it, if only little wood hearts?

Finally, I have a log that has been in the house for a few years now that I thought some clever woodworker could do something with. The heartwood separated from the external part, but still in the middle of it. I thought someone could make a piece that somehow incorporated these two...I dunno.

Possibly related: Eventually, I'd like to replace my kitchen counter with real butcher block or other wood. Maybe that could be part of a trade or something.

As I said, there's no rush on removing trees, but I only do it until they start leafing out, which is about March. And if not this year, another

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or if this is completely inappropriate.
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