Traditional Woodcarving and Apprenticeship Class

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I am passing along this information as a courtesy to Sara Stine and SSVA. I have taken classes there before and can personally recommend the school. If you have any questions I would suggest you contact Sara. I have not seen their new Wood Studio and have no information about it.

Traditional Woodcarving and possible Apprenticeship class being offered at Sawtooth School for Visual Arts in Winston-Salem

See Winter Catalog 2012

The SSVA is expanding its offerings of wood related classes including three carving classes; two using power tools (one carving whimsical faces in golf balls and the other carving a bird) and one using hand tools to produce relief carvings or architectural elements.

The SSVA is also looking into creating a possible Traditional Wood Carving Apprenticeship program with Master Carver Steve Roper. Mr. Roper is retired as the Master Carver for Thomasville Furniture and wants to pass on his passion for traditional woodcarving. Mr. Roper would like students who will commit to at least a few months, but a year is preferred, working at the new SSVA Wood Studio in Winston-Salem. The number of hours/days per week is still To Be Determined. The hourly cost to the apprentice is also still TBD. Tools will be provided.

There are only 3-4 openings for apprentice so please contact Sara Sloan Stine at (336) 723-7395 as soon as possible for more information.
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