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I just got back from Steve's. I tried to make a major dent in what he has offered for sale, but try as I might, there is still plenty left for everyone.

All the items I saw were in excellent condition, some even NIB.

Steve: Thanks for the opportunity to look over your tools, and more importantly, thanks to you and Gail for your time and hospitality.
years ago Steve was "culling the herd" and I bought a wonder pup from him (I think it too was nearly new)- I have used it, bit more often, I look at it and think of someone who impacted my hobby as well as my life by creating something that will be one of his legacies!

Thank you Steve for your vision of NCWW and for not simply having the idea, but following through and making it happen.


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I reached the point that I think it is time to shut this thread down. I will instead list each of the items individually. I will post each item or group of items individually with prices attached. My general rule of thumb is that the price will be 50% of what it would cost you to buy the equivalent today. If the item is new and never used, the price will be 60%.
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