Tenoning jig?


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I use a simple home made jig with a quick clamp attached. It rides the rip fence. Has a handle traced from a hand saw. Works fine but takes up significant space. I may get rid of it now that I have a domino.
I did the same thing for a project where I used my friends table saw. Made it out of plywood in a half hour, and threw it away after the project was over. My opinion that is definitely the way to go.


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Mine is an inexpensive cast iron standard tenon jig and I always use it.

It depends how you cut your mortises. If they are cut true, square and accurate, a 0.001” difference in tenon thickness makes the difference between the right and the wrong sloppy or over-tight fit.

When I do a dry test fit on a chair, it is more sturdy than the average chair bought a an antique store. With the quality of glue available to us today, I no longer pin my joints, but if I chose to, glue would just be a backup.

For those using epoxy, just about anything goes.