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I need to make a long V block... I have a 1 5/16" chamfer bit with the bearing.Can I take the bearing off and use it like a V bit safely? Never even thought about this until now.Dont want to buy another bit if this is safe to do.TIA!

Definitely want to be safe!!!!!

Mike Davis

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If you insist on using that bit, cut a grove first the width of the bearing . Don't cut without the bearing because there won't be anything cutting at the bottom of the V. And don't cut full depth all at once, go 1/4 inch per pass or less.


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Buy the correct bit.

I make V blocks by cutting 2 45's on the table saw. Keep it long and then cut to size.


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I agree with DrBob -- for a long V Block, cut a 45 degree miter on hardwood blocks of the length you want and glue them together. It will result in a full-depth V.

Bill Clemmons

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I would be very hesitant to use a chamfer bit to make a long V block. With the bearing removed, the cutting edges do not come all the way to a point. If you don't need a full depth V bottom, then I guess that doesn't matter.

Personally, I would use either Dr. Bob or Rob's method. On a table saw, rip a 45* miter down the center of a long block, then flip it around and repeat. With a chamfer bit, cut the 45* chamfer down each side of a long block, then rip the block down the middle and glue the two halves back together w/ the V in the middle.


Recently had to make a couple "V" grooves and their mating parts. Used my good old Sears molding head with "V" groove cutter on the table saw. Made some extra pieces as this is a project I may repeat in the future. I do have a 45 grooving bit in my router bit collection.

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