rough oak for sale


approx. 520 BF,
5/4" thick
random widths 4" - 11" x 100" long
....flat, rift, & quartersawn, mostly red oak. might be some WHT,..
asking $1.10BF
about 80 boards


sorry about the lack of photos; tend to get distracted a lot. My camera's charging now.

Nate, I actually have over 3000 BF of lumber random widths and lengths. [my family calls me a hoarder. Time to get rid of it. I'm more a farmer, than woodworker, these days. Will never get around to using it all. Plus, I'm only woodworker in family.]

Most of the lumber is OAK, have two stacks - the other stack is 100" long.

Some walnut [some live edge] w/ random widths up to 14" and 8' - 14" long.
... and one stack of cedar.......
all lumber is rough sawn, air-dried and for sale by the stack or boardfoot.

I also have some kiln-dried lumber in my workshop. Mostly offcuts and scrap from various projects. Variety of wood species. Will sell by the bundle.

I prefer that customers DON"T tear thru a whole stack - just to pull out a few select pieces - and then expect ME to restack it all.
If someone feels a need to go down thru a couple of layers - fine - I understand that. ...But not to the bottom of a 20 layer stack [it's happened].

My sister's property was logged and after the fact, the loggers pushed a huge pile of butt logs into a gully...without telling either my brother or me, beforehand. Before it happened, I remember looking at the pile and thinking how much nice lumber it would make.
Most are 36' - 48" wide and 8' - 12' long. Some are solid to the core and mostly oak. Once I get my tractor fixed, I hope to be able to pull out and start sawmilling the better logs, this year...altho not sure if can break down the 4'W logs with my
woodmizer LT35.

Will sell the 520BF stack - whole - for $500. Have bobcat to lift onto trailer.
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