Restoring Wooden Planes

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Bill Anderson
Missing a wedge? A fence? Need a blade reground? Threads on your screw arm plow stripped? Mouth too wide on that special bench plane? Missing some boxing?

I will be conducting a two day workshop at the Woodwright's School, Feb 25-26 and again on September 8-9, focusing on restoring to functionality bench planes, molding planes, joinery planes and clean up planes. Here is an opportunity to reguvenate your plane collection, or posibly to take that first step to using wooden planes.

We will have on hand a supply of beech for wedges, dogwood for boxing, and lignum vitae, ebony and hard maple for plane soles. Plus a selection of bench and molding plane blades for regrinding. Not to mention tools and expertise necessary to get the job done. Ed Lebetkin, who runs the Tool Store upstairs from the School, will have a large table laid out with planes and parts of all sorts for restoration purposes, at very resonable prices. Check out your flea market for users and be sure to bargain them down!

We will also have on hand reference materials to research out plane makers to assure that no plane of historical or great rarity is modified!

Here are just a few of the things you might consider doing:
1. tightening up the mouth on a bench plane
2. matching up a worn pair of hollow and rounds
3. grinding blades to fit a profile.
4. Recutting profiles for a specific purpose
5. restoring stripped out threads on a plow plane
6. replacing missing bench or molding plane wedges
7. Replacing or enhancing a fence on a fillester

Check out the website at, two day workshops, "Restoring Wooden Planes"
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