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I bought a used entertainment center off of craigslist recently and brought it home to discover that it doesn't *quite* fit my equipment. :crybaby2: I guess I should have requested for one of you folks to commission me a custom-built one! :eusa_doh: Though I asked my bf to measure the height of one of the main things, as it turns out he is not the most proficient person with the tape measure :slap: and measured half an inch off. As you all are aware, a half inch can make *all* the difference in the world!

There is one stationary shelf in the center and then two glass adjustable shelves (though they can only be adjusted within about 2 inches or so. ) I am thinking if I can move the stationary shelf up an inch that would be perfect.

I have friends coming in on Weds, I know this is short notice, but if there is any chance it can be done before or by then, that would be perfect. If not, I would still be interested in getting it modified at some point if anyone is interested.

I also managed to re-hook up some of my equipment wrong I think so if anyone is electronically-gifted, that would be a bonus.

Thanks for reading (and possibly responding) to my post! :-D


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Now you oughta know that we need to see some pictures to help figure it out. Glad to see that you got past your log-in issues :icon_thum



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As for the electronics, I do not know what type of equipment you are talking about, but one rule of thumb is that the "Out" on one unit (ie VCR, DVD, TV, etc) connects to the "IN" on the next unit.

For instance, if you are hooking up the TV to the VCR, The "Out" on the TV goes to the 'IN" on the VCR so the VCR can get the signal to record, and the Out on the VCR goes to the IN on the TV so you can play back the recording. OR, if you have cable, the cable may hook to the IN on the VCR, and the Out on the VCR hooks to the IN on the TV. However, if you have a cable box, then it may be different.

There are a lot of variations so it would be nice to know what equipment you are trying to hook together, and whether you are using RCA, S-Video, Fiber-optics, or some other connections.

Best bet is to find a neighbor that has a bunch of electronic equipment to help you out.

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