RDU Area Shop Crawls


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We had an excellent turn out for today's shop crawls. The magnificent weather made it a pleasure to be outdoors, allowing shop owners to have the doors open to the breeze. Many thanks to all the hosts who graciously opened up their shops (and in many cases, their homes as well). This could not have happened without you all. Special shout out to Steve for hosting our lunch at his place. Not certain, but I believe I saw some of the guys rushing to down their lunch so they could have more time on the pinball machines!

I'm posting a few pictures for those who were unable to attend. Perhaps we'll see you at a future crawl. These are a great way to network, share ideas and see some amazing craftsmanship. We truly have a talented bunch of members. I encourage others to post their photos and thoughts as well. My only disappointment was that I couldn't be in two places at once, to see the other half of the crawl.






Martin Roper

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First time I played pinball in 50 years. It's more fun when it's free!

Thanks to everyone who put this together and opened up their shops for us. Maybe some day my shop will be worthy of hosting one of these.


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thanks for hosting even though I had house work to do so couldn't go, really wanted to see the pinball, errrr, all the woodworking shops

Michael Mathews

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Thanks to all! I included my shop in the crawl, but got so many great ideas from the others I saw! And thanks again to Steve for hosting lunch! The food was great, hospitality was tremendous, his shop is something to dream about! Oh and yes, I too had some fun on the Pinball machines! Wow, just an amazing place!


Thank you to the organizers and shop owners. I had a wonderful time and came away with some great ideas. Even though it wasn’t woodworking the pinball machines were the highlight for me and took me back to my childhood.


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Let me add my thanks to all who opened up their shops and homes! Never have I seen so many clean shops! The only dirt on the floor was at Jim's.;)


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Jim, you did an awesome job organizing the Crawl, Thank You! I too am appreciative for all of the shop-owners for opening up their places. We saw shops of all sizes and configurations...very enlightening and generated all sorts of new ideas. It was a great day!

Jim Wallace

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Well, I had a great time as well. Jim was an excellent organizer, I know it was a lot of work and we appreciate it. He also kept our group moving right along. I learned a lot at every stop. Jim Creasman’s and Steve’s home made tools were an inspiration. Donn’s canoe alone was worth the drive from Wake Forest. And Donn’s wife taught me about making prints with stamp pads, a project I’ve been exploring with my Granddaughter. Thank you all.

Bill Clemmons

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Thank you Jim for organizing this, and everyone who opened their shop for us to see. It was so great to see everyone together again on an NCWW event, after the long isolation we've all been through the past three years.


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What a great day and thanks to all. What was really great to see is how the different shops reflect the different kind or work in the vast woodworking area. Small to large, the shops support the work. Of course, seeing others work really pushes me to step things up. So much really superb work out there.


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Echoing the sincere thanks to Jim for the excellent organization and Steve for the lunch!
Great to see the work and the many tricks of the trade among the shops.

Bill J

It was great to see all the shops and talk with everyone along the way. And I also want to add my thanks to Jim for for the organization.


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Thanks for your hard work Jim. Everthing went very smooth. Weather was great also.


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I'll echo the prior sentiments. Thank you all for opening up your shops to us. Very inspiring to see how different folks are doing things.

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