RDU Area Shop Crawls are here -- Spaces are still available if you are interested!

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Who’s ready to crawl!? After a three year hiatus we are planning another shop crawl for the folks in the RDU area. In fact, the response was so enthusiastic that we have enough shops to have two crawls. This will allow us to include more participants and cover a greater number of shops.

Please read carefully.

When: Saturday, March 4, 2023

Time: 10am - 5pm(ish)

Cost: Approx $10 (TBD) to cover lunch

The two shop crawls will cover the Durham/CH and Apex/Cary/FV areas, geographically. Individuals will sign up for one or the other, not both. However, both crawls will begin the day as a single group at a couple of stops near Falls Lake. We will have lunch at Steve's shop before separating. Except for lunch, the time at each shop will be about 30-40 minutes.

Here is how it will look on the map.

Raleigh Shop Crawl - 2023.jpg

Featured Shops​

We have a great lineup of shops to visit! Many thanks to each and every host who has volunteered.

Falls Lake (both groups):

Jim (Jim Wallace)Visit the timber framed home that Jim and his wife designed and built. His shop is a separate building not fully enclosed. Turning has always been a central focus, along with building furniture using green wood and hand tools.
Steve (SJWiehe)Steve’s is a standalone shop with wood and metal working tools, and a full size CNC. There is even a connected pinball arcade.

Durham / Chapel Hill (group 1):​

Andrea (Bullcitywoodshop)The Bull City Woodshop is a non-profit program to teach woodworking to students and adults in the Triangle. They currently operate in about 1500 square feet of (ever reorganizing) space and are well outfitted with lots of donated machinery and tools.
Scott (tvrgeek)Scott’s shop is a pole building with full HVAC. Half is for woodworking and half is for Triumph/metal work. Electronics is upstairs. Scot has the normal complement of power tools and a growing hand tool collection.
Michael (Michael Matthews)Michael has a detached 800 sq. ft. shop dedicated to making stuff! Projects include lathe turning, CNC, furniture, and more.
Joe (JNCarr)Joe’s shop is a purpose-built single car garage with CNC and basic additional equipment. The focus is on furniture and wooden mechanical clocks.
Mike (Mike K)Mike has a stand alone barn style structure with woodworking equipment used for building furniture and whatever else comes up.

Apex / Cary / Fuquay-Varina (group 2):​

Donn (drw)Donn has a basement shop that has slowly become somewhat overfilled with machines and tables, designed for furniture building in addition to storage for my wife's treasures.
Jim (creasman)Jim’s has a basement shop that makes maximum use of space. There is a full complement of power tools, but the focus is on making furniture using hand tools and traditional techniques.
Charlie (Charlie)Charlie has a well equipped, stand alone shop for furniture/cabinet build or whatever else he desires -- but segmented turning is his main focus.
Ted (Ted P)Ted has a stand alone shop building with woodworking and metalworking tools. Future plans include building furniture and cabinets.

Signup Information​

Note: If you are a host shop you do not need to sign up.

Each crawl group will be capped at 12 total (not including hosts) to keep the overall size manageable. Carpooling is encouraged!

To sign up for one of the crawls simply reply to this post with the following information:
  • Which crawl (Dur/Ch or A/C/FV) you are interested in attending, and
  • Number in your party (please limit size to 1-2 so we have room for as many as possible).
The 12 spaces on each crawl will be filled on a first to sign up basis. However, I won’t consider your sign up complete until I have both pieces of information, above.

After we reach the maximum size for each group I will send further instructions to the participants. In the meantime please post any questions you have here.

CountDurham / Chapel Hill ParticipantsApex / Cary / Fuquay-Varina Participants
1Bill (@Bill Clemmons)Graham (@J_Graham)
2John (@JohnnyR)Dirk (@golfdad)
3Mike (@mikeh74)Phil (@Phil S) - 1
4Martin (@Martin Roper)Phil (@Phil S) - 2
5Tim (@WoodKid) - 1Markus (@SabertoothBunny)
6Tim (@WoodKid) - 2Aaron (@areevesnc)
7Ed (@ednl)Burns (@RedBeard)
8Bill (@Bill J)David (@David Turner)
9Rick (@Ralrick) - 1Bob (@bobby g) - 1
10Rick (@Ralrick) - 2Bob (@bobby g) - 2
11Matt (@waitup) - 1
12Matt (@waitup) - 2
Joe (@Jobone) -- Wait list
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Giving this a bump back to the top. We have a few available spaces on each crawl. If you are planning to attend, please sign up!


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As long as there is still room, my wife Karen will come along. If another woodworker, needs the spot, she’ll back out.



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With Matt's 2 the Durham / Chapel Hill crawl is now full. We still have openings for the Apex/Cary/FV crawl.


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With less than two weeks before the event, this is a friendly reminder that we have a few more available spots for the Apex/Cary/FV shop crawl. I will be locking this sign-up thread Friday, Feb 24 in order to finalize the headcount and begin sending instructions to the attendees. If you've been thinking of signing up, now is the time!
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