Quiet cyclone dust collector


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Planning on getting a 1 1/2 hp cyclone. Most of these are advertised as 80-85 dab ratings.
Are these numbers factual or junk. I'm looking at a grizzly model G0777 rated at 70-72 db, but $$$$.
Any ideas or am I going to be disappointed.


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I have a clearvue 5hp DC and a harbor freight 2 hp dc, both are incredibly loud. I've had to build a closet around the clearvue to dampen the noise, but it's still loud enough to be heard from across the neighborhood.

I can't speak to the grizzly, but 70-72 db is is the same rating as my 'quiet' vacuum cleaner, I doubt any dust collector that actually sucks is so quiet. Would it be possible for you to get a demo of the machine?

If noise is a concern, I'd recommend a closet with sound dampening material or doubled sheetrock to muffle the noise.


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I think when you are a considerate person you worry about your tools being too loud. The HF is pretty common and maybe someone near you can let you hear it in operation with the garage door closed and see how close you need to be before you can hear it. It's more of a rumble vs a high whine. I was worried at first till I closed my garage door then walked over to my neighbors and couldn't hear anything.


I have the harbor freight and find it okay. I have very sensitive ears but dont use hearing protection when its running.


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I also think my HF is not very loud. Seems about the same as the sawstop it is usually hooked to. My shop vac is definitely louder. But I usually wear hearing protection anyway. Even if some tools are tolerable without it some are not.


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If you want a quiet room
get a horse stable mat #/4 rubb mat for the floor, use "QuietRock"brand sheetrock. It is doubled sheetrock with metal in the middle. Then get Sonofoam and put that on the walls, you will have 50-60db coefficient reduction of sound.

Stuart Kent

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If you want quiet, come visit the school and see our Harvey G700. We have two of them and they are absolutely amazing! The moving air is much louder than the machine. They aren't cheap, but I couldn't be happier with them.


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Noise is related to vibration so see if you can isolate your dust collector from anything that would transmit sound. Rubber mounting isolators could help along with a flex connection to your duct work.
Also fan tip speed is a major contributor to noise such as most shop vacuums.
They have small impellers that are very high RPM try wrapping your fan and cyclone separator with foam it should help.
Anything you do is going to be incrementally better.

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