Props to Zoro Tools

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
Senior User
I recently ordered a new floor drill press from Zoro Tools. The truck pulled up yesterday and the driver indicated I might not like the condition - it had fallen out of the box and was lying in loose pieces on a pallet with a scrap of the cardboard shipping box tucked into the pile (that's me in the sweatshirt - go Packers!). I declined delivery and got on the phone to Zoro. In less than five minutes their customer service took the details, got the driver on the phone to verify the machine was being returned, and ordered a new one, to be packed extra-securely. It was shipped out late yesterday and should be here in 3-5 days. That's the kind of response that engenders customer loyalty and I'm happy to recommend them.


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
That is consistent with my experiences with Zoro. Top quality people.
I hope someone in the shipping process gets dinged for that mess.


Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
It isn't only the shipper, the trucking company and it's employees get rough with many things. I worked for a peddle freight company way back before dirt was invented; I've seen things loaded and stacked very, very poorly, where the load falls over and many things get crushed, banged, dinged, and damaged severely. UPS and FedEx are far more careful. Chances are the trucking company's insurance carrier will be reimbursing Zorro for the damaged drill press. Kudos to Zorro Tools!

Jeremy Scuteri

Staff member
Corporate Member
I had a table saw from Grizzly "fall out of the box" as well. Same exact wording. Makes me chuckle...

Alex Stokes

New User
Yea, ... "Fell out of the box" - lol Well good for them though. I wonder who pays, Zoro or the trucking company?

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