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Many years ago I had made a marble board just for the heck of it, as it turned out we have been playing on that same board very frequently, some times several times a week, my 82 year old mother in-law just loves the game. Some people call the game aggravation, wa-hoo and a few more... we just call it "Marbles".
The board game consists of two sides, one side- up to 4 players can play and the other side up to 6 players. So I have been asked over and over to build more boards for family and friends. So I finally got my self motivated to the task. First I made templates this time around to make it easier to align all the holes.
The shape as most of you know is called a Dodecagon, most board styles you see are round, square or at best octagon, this makes them a little more unique and custom. These boards are made from 3/4" Birch plywood and red oak trim.

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Bryan S

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I was one of those who called that and anything similar aggravation. The board looks great.


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Nice twist on an old favorite! Like the 4/6 option.
The hours we spent playing this at the fire department back when...
thanks for the memory!
Now I'm going to have to dig out the old board (not too much problem)
and make one for the station I'm at now.


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Love the game and actually started making a board myself, but never finished it. Yours look great!

Henry W

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Re: Memories... of play time and 1st WW project

Nicely done project(s). Ahhh, memory lane.....

I believe that this marble game was my very first WW project. I was about 8-10 years old. My dad was a WW teacher (AKA shop teacher) and so I had access to the tools. He cut out a big square of nice plywood and set me up on the drill press. I drilled all the holes, and then colored in the various sections.

We used a significant variation on your game design - we had a single place in the middle of the board that was a shortcut. You could go up the starting row, and then only if the number worked out exactly, you could land in that shortcut spot. The only way to get out of the shortcut onto the short road to home was to roll a '1' (we played with dice). Of course, while you were 'sitting' there, anyone else could knock you out if they wanted to use the short cut.

As we played it the basic rules were not all that different from the board game "Sorry"; I think we played using a single die to determine how many spots you could move your marbles.

That first WW project lives on to this day in parents house, although not used much I think.

Henry W


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Nice job Ken. :icon_thum:icon_thum

We've actually had quite a few folks at shows ask us if we did, or could, make those. I wasn't familiar with it when the first person asked so I looked it up and started sketching out the layout and never finished it. I may have to revisit it eventually, but we've not done many shows over the last 14 months due to the arrival of our 3rd child.

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