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I just finished another commission jewelry box. The box is Curly Maple, and I used Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) for the inside, sides, trays, and trim. The top is inlaid with Imbuya (Brazilian Redwood Burl) veneer and trimmed with Curly Maple and Brazilian Cherry. It is lined top and bottom with pig skin suede, as well as the tray and ring box linings. The hardware is Brusso stop hinges, and the lock is the Neat Elite lock from

I sanded progressively from 150 to 800 grits, applied two rubbed coats of Odies Dark Oil, and then finished with a buffed coat of Renaissance Crystiline wax.

This is the 8th jewelry box I've made with this tray configuration. I try to offer the customer other layouts, but they all like the separate ring box.

Jewelry Box 043A.JPG
Jewelry Box 043B.JPG
Jewelry Box 043C.JPG
Jewelry Box 043D.JPG
Jewelry Box 043E.JPG


Thanks for sharing the details and pictures. It’s very helpful and inspiring to see how creative and skillful you can be.


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Love the box, but are you sure the primary wood is maple? Sure looks like cherry to me…
My gosh, you are very right. I was so used to typing Curly Maple from the other boxes that I mistakenly typed Maple when it actually was Curly Cherry. Thanks for the catch.

Matt Furjanic

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Actually looks more like quilted cherry rather than curly. In any case it’s a really nice piece of cherry. Glad I could help.

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