New Hobby Woodworker-Tool Recommendation and Order of Purchase


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this was for the rounds from my dad's funeral. Just figured to add a few of my completed projects. Not as skilled as some of your guys but im working on it.


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Don't know what county you are in, but here in Orange they are very responsive and helpful. My point is, if one is not aware of the tandem breakers, then one probably has not read the code and is not well versed in the practice, so hire an electrician.

I agree, it is not hard if you have read the code. My last copy was 2008 and there have been significant changes, plus come counties add small changes to the national code. Fortunately, with great effort, it is all on line here.
I agree. I would hate for someone to put a 20 gauge wire in and burn their house down.


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That is quite good and more importantly it has meaning. Great job and good creativity.
Thank you, I copied the top idea from a friend's project and my brother wanted it on a higher base, which I like and it allowed for his unit pins and wings. His name amd rank will will added above the pins on the flat front.

Now I need 2 more. Its on the list. Lol


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Let's keep the thread focused on the topic started by TrackDays
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Some strange message maybe? "Track Days" and "Nietzsche" in the same post :)

I wish I had a picture. We built a case into a wall unit for models of all the planes Dad was command in. From Stearman to U3A. Had his wings on the background.

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1. Quality Thin-Kerf Table Saw Blades-From everything I have read, my saw with 1.75 HP will perform better with a thin-kerf blade. I would consider an initial investment in a quality set of blades (Forrest), for ripping and crosscutting, to be the starting point. Forrest sells blade stiffeners, but I do not know how these function. From a practical standpoint, I feel like the added weight of the stiffener would increase the rotating mass, and I do not know how this would interact with the thin-kerf blade, other than presumably making it stiffer.
I'm not sure if this was addressed earlier in the thread and I missed it but be careful with buying a thin kerf blade for the Sawstop. This is the verbiage from Sawstop:
The SawStop safety system is designed for use with standard 10” blades with kerfs from 3/32” to 3/16”. Blades with kerfs much thinner than 3/32” should not be used because those blades might not be strong enough to withstand the force applied by the brake when it activates.
Not only that, but if you use the riving knife the wood will bind if your blade is less than 3/32. I bought a thin kerf Freud combo blade that I can't use on my Sawstop. I also have a thin kerf ripping blade that just barely meets specs so I can use it. You will probably be fine with the standard blades on the 1.75 HP.

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