Lost Item at the Picnic

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Roy G

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I attended the picnic this afternoon and enjoyed the event greatly. I met Mike Davis and gave him a bit of wood for his son and donated a chisel to the trailer. Unfortunately, my wife texted me and needed me to come home, so I had to leave early. As I was leaving, I collected some items that I had brought for possible sale. When i got home and put things away i discovered I had not brought everything back that I had taken for sale. I had brought a Marples mortise gauge marked with my name, Roy G, and an asking price of $20 on a piece of blue painters tape. It wasn't with my other items, so I didn't think of it until I got home. Has anyone seen it when they were cleaning up?

Thanks for a great albeit wet picnic.

Roy G

Mike Davis

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Yes we saw that and one of the guys saved it for you. I don’t remember who has it but I’m sure he will see this and get it back to you.


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One of those spoons was mine -- a long black plastic one. Hold on to it for next year's picnic! I realized I forgot my leftover potato salad and the spoon when I was halfway home to Hendersonville.

Great picnic!

Bill Clemmons

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Like Mike, I saw it on the table when there were only a few people left. I don't know who picked it up, but pretty sure they will respond and get it back to you.


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I also left my tub and the bucket that we drew tickets out of. Hopefully Jeremy or somebody grabbed them. Not terribly important though.
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