Largest Project To-Date... Built-In Desk


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Just some WIP pictures of the largest project I have built, to date. After this, not sure I will want to do anything bigger. LOL. I will update pictures as the build progresses...

Not necessarily the most technically difficult build, just very large pieces, which makes for an interesting time in a small shop (2 car garage). This is for my moms neighbor/friend. She has been wanting to have this done for quite some time, and knowing I am currently out of work due to COVID, my mom asked if she'd like for me to do it. After a few discussions and some measurements, I drew up a render, she approved, and I got started. Being so large, I wasn't really excited for the project, but figured I'd give it a go. The desk will be 11' wide, 9' tall. Each cabinet is 42" wide, leaving 4' of desk space in the middle. She only wanted doors on the lowers, no drawer, however, she wanted an internal slide on the right cabinet for a printer, a shelf inside the left. At this point, I have all the cabinet parts built, just need sanded and then have to wait for this rain to clear up so I can get them sprayed. I will be using the same product I used on the prep table I just finished, Target Coating EMTECH EM6500, bright white. The desktop will be maple, stained a darker gray to match her floors.

Original Render (without doors, will have 4 shaker doors on lowers):

Upper Bookshelves:

Lower Cabinet with Printer Slide (currently just sitting on scrap ply, not on slides yet):

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Some final updates to this project, got it installed this weekend and all finished up. Client is very pleased with the results! Was a pain to build in a garage shop, being so large, but the end result came out well. Desktop is stained ash, she wanted it to match/compliment her floors


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Thank you for sharing the process with us. Very nice work and I have no doubt that the lady was happy with it. Good work.


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Looks great! I recently did a similar job for a customer... the bases we 62 wide and they were 120" tall... HEAVY!!!!


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Beautiful work, definitely a classic timeless style for both the white cabinets and wood top. Super job!

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