If'n you're interested in old iron...


Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
WOW! That drawer full of shaper knives is worth many times the price. I had a RAS like that one, and it was a solid, workhorse of a machine. Somebody is gonna score big!

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
That's a nice price on that shaper alone. The welded stand and reversing switch are a plus. I see a panel raising bit in the among the 20-bit inventory. A fence can be made if it isn't somewhere around. New bearings and some rust removal and that ugly duckling will be ready to shape.

The 9" radial arm saw, likely a Super 900, can be a good one for small work.


I have two that I run my stiles and rails on everyday. Better shape than those though. Still good machines

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
I used one for years and sometimes still miss it for quick setups on smaller work. Its within a couple hours drive for me but the negative value of having to take that radial arm saw is just over the top for me. The shaper is an easy restoration project as long as the components aren't wallowed or broken.

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