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Phil Capper
i've noticed lately that the stores either carry a small selection of gel stains or none at all. Any ideas why?

D L Ames

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D L Ames
To be honest Phil, I have seen them in the stores before but never paid that much attention to them. I'll have to look next time I stop in to see if the availability seems to have decreased.



John Skipper
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I've not used many gel stains, but the best gel poly I've ever used and just ordered more is "Petri Gel PolyFinish. You can get from Woodworkers or order it online from Highland Hardware. It's easy to apply and give a great finish. You can apply more coats in spaces of two hours. I custom built my kitchen cabinet out of Hickory and heart Maple and I'm very pleased with the finish, especially since Cathy did it. My only instruction to her was "wipe on wipe off". ( That went over well )


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Doesn't he sound instructional? He learned the "wipe on, wipe off" the hard way - not wiping off the excess at the time and having a real mess later (not to mention using a LOT of the gel)! That was also the last he worked on finishing the cabinets - so maybe he is the smart one after all...:roll:


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Chris Mathes
I have not actually stained anything, but have used the clear gels. I've been playing around with some different finishes to see what I like. Everytime I've used a gel, I 've gotten compliments on the finish. I have not heard much on the other finishes :0)

I know that Woodcraft is changing brands..they carried Bartleys, which I liked a lot. They are reducing the # of brands they are carrying and have switched to carry the American Finishes version of gel finish.




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Brandon Johnson
There is just not enough demand for gel stain all of the time. Most people spray when they are worried about blotching. Since I don't spray yet I have used General Finishes gel stain one time before. It works alright, but it takes a little getting used to. I would be curious to test it out side by side with the regular stuff to see if there is any difference. I was pleased but not completely pleased. The results were ok.


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I have used gel stains some, and was very pleased. Really added a good appearence. They just cost too much for what I got.
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