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Russ Denz

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Name: Russ Denz
Subject: updating a downloaded file + linking it

I just uploaded an Excel file of shop goods to sell and already have to edit it as I have a purchase date wrong. I also plan on updating it regularly as things sell, so please tell me how I can do that.

ALSO, I want to use a link to this file in a Classified ad - what would the url be, and how do I list it.


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Re: From Contact Us Form - updating a downloaded file + linking it - Russ Denz - onob


I moved your request to the Help Forum from the Contact Us link because it is more appropriate there. I'm fairly certain that you can Edit your Download entry and upload a new version of the file any time you want. First, here is the link to your Download entry: Let me know if you see an Edit link in the bar just above the description of your download. If you do, click on it and you can edit any of the text in your description. Then, below that is a window to Add a file -- click Browse and select the new version of your spreadsheet and then click Submit. It should overwrite your existing file.

By the way, you can put a link into your Classified Ad or any thread by copying the URL of interest into the Windows Copy/Paste buffer (highlight it with a simple click and press Ctrl-C to copy or right click and scroll down to Copy). Then while in the edit screen of your post or Ad text, highlight a work like link and click on the
Icon above the editor window and press Ctrl-V or right click and select Paste in the new window that opens. I've done it with your Download URL with the work link earlier in this paragraph.

I'm sending this message as a PM to you as well and hope it helps.
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