Florip Saws?

David Turner

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Has anyone heard of an update on Mr. Florip's medical condition. Last item I saw was quite a while ago on a go fund me page or similar requesting donations for medical expenses.
I was at Woodcraft today and noticed they had a Florip dovetail saw in stock, so I asked the manager Herb what he knew. He said, as far as he knows, the two saws he has are all there are in the Woodcraft inventory.

Mike Davis

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An update from his wife...

Every 3 days I change out the transducer array patches on Erik’s Optune device, the fascinating contraption he wears around the clock that I posted more about earlier this week.
Before applying the new patches, Erik has to get the closest possible shave on his scalp. There’s a lot of washing and sanitizing and little steps between shaving and the application of the array patches. We work alongside each other as a team. It’s a two-person job and I constantly think about, and feel deeply for, those without a caregiver.
Start to finish, the first array patch change took us 75 minutes. I cried a lot.
The second change took a little over 40 minutes. No tears this time. Major progress! We don’t rush a single step but knowing that the more he wears the device, the more effective it is at keeping new tumor growth at bay. As you can maybe imagine, I admittedly feel a lot of pressure to get it right, and get it done quickly.
I’m really proud of us. I love how we tackle the project together. I love how we talk to each other through each step. It’s a weird thing to bond over but that’s intimacy for you. Working together in a loving way toward a shared goal, regardless of how uncomfortable it can be.


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Blessings to Erik Florip and his wife. He married extremely well and she appears to be one of a kind. Hope for the best for both of them.


I am new here so I am not familiar with who Mr. Florip is; however, I am familiar with the Optune device. My heart goes out to him and his wife. They will both definitely be in my prayers.

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