Finally going to finish my Maloof-style rocker!


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Just delivered mine to my brother in Raleigh yesterday. His daughter is expecting his 1st grandchild, he saw mine and said he needed a rocker. So now my 8 y/o granddaughter and I getting ready to make a replacement. Lots of work but we have fun in the workshop. Glad your getting back to yours.


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8 year work in progress? I thought 3 years was bad. Good luck Doug.


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Doug it is SO easy to set things on the back burner. The hard part is getting them going again. You've restarted my friend, now keep going! I've got 80% of a porch swing that has been sitting for almost as long. The person I was making it for hasn't been a part of my life now in almost that long. I keep thinking about finishing it (getting it out of my way) and doing something with it but.... honestly every time I see it unpleasant memories flood my mind. I've also got an old wood and metal yard bench that I started redoing when Debbie was diagnosed with cancer. Every time I see it totally different unpleasant memories flood my mind. I want to redo it and give it to my daughter. She and Debbie had an incredible bond and I can think of no finer gift for her but I can't seem to get past the memories. Keep it up Doug - you've motivated me to at least take inventory and get my mind working! Thank you!


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I seem to remember Bas making a joke with you about how long ago you started that when you had it sitting out at the last shop crawl. Didn’t realize it was 8 years... The base looked good at the crawl. Can’t wait to see progress and completion pictures. I’m only 10 minutes down the road if you need help with anything!


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Come on Doug. At this rate I'll expire before I get to see the finished piece.

Douglas Robinson

Doug Robinson
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Thanks to llucas, who lent me his headrest cutting jig, I duplicated it. It has been a long time since I had to make jigs to make something else :D. Thanks Luke. Mine has the black knobs that I had from an earlier project. I will return yours later this week.



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Good job Doug....glad to help. Now to finish it up. I'm trying to get up the gumption to start another one soon.

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