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D L Ames

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D L Ames
What is Flash Chat used for?

The Flash Chat feature is a great way for members to come together to exchange ideas and information on woodworking or just chat to get to know one another better.

How can I tell if others are using Flash Chat?

In the left column of the NC Woodworker home page you will find the "Flash Chat Usage" window where you can see if any members are currently in the Chat Room (The Lounge). Ensure you refresh your screen occasionally to see the most current listing of members using The Lounge. If one or more members are in The Lounge you will see a number in the Parentheses like this: The Lounge (2) which indicates two members are currently in The Lounge.

How can I tell which members are currently using Flash Chat?

Once a member enters The Lounge, the members name will appear directly below the room title like this:

The Lounge (2)
D L Ames

What does "Standard Chat Times" mean?

There is a message at the bottom of the "Flash Chat Usage" window inviting members to join us at the standard chat times of 12:00 PM and 9:30 PM. These times are simply recommended times when many of our members try to get together on a regular basis to chat during lunch or in the evening.

When is Flash Chat available for use?

Flash Chat (The Lounge) can be used at anytime by any member. The standard chat times are 12:00 PM and 9:30 PM. However, these standard times are not the only times that Flash Chat can be used. Any member can enter and open The Lounge at any time they desire. You do not have to wait for another member to be in The Lounge. Feel free to open The Lounge anytime time you like. Often times other members will see someone in The Lounge and will pop in just to say hello.

How do I enter and use Flash Chat?

Simply click on the "Open Flash Chat" link at the bottom of the Flash Chat Usage window. A separate window will open and add your name to a column on the right side of the new window. At the bottom of this window will be a text box where you can type in whatever you want to say and then hit send. More information on using all of the Flash Chat features will be provided in a separate post.

We hope you will join us in The Lounge sometime soon.



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Jim Campbell
I've taken a few Screen Shots to help illustrate how to get to Flashchat.

Here is a pic of the main page. Note, the little blue button
lets you open or close some of the "boxes" on our site.

This shot shows the Flashchat Box closed. Click on the blue button to open the box.

This is a closer shot of the Flashchat box when opened. It shows who is currently in a Flashchat.

Click on the link "Open Flash Chat" to enter or start a chat.

This is the pop up window that is a Flash Chat. You can type your message in the pointed to box at the bottom. The left hand column shows you who is in the Flash Chat.

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