1. Gotcha6

    Composing a post buttons, what are those for?

    We've had a good many new members join up lately so we thought we should help them by explaining the purpose of the icons below their names & avatars: This one is to report posts to Moderators. If you feel the particular post is not appropriate for this site, click here & the Moderators...
  2. froglips

    Updated features FAQ.....

    Before we get a lot further, would it make sense to start a single thread where we post new features of the upgrade? I'm happy to setup a webtemplate or start a new thread somewhere. Maybe add a link to a doc from that nifty scrolling status thing. Jim
  3. froglips

    Handsaws: Resources FAQ

    This FAQ is a thread for anyone to post anything relevent to handsaws and hand sawing techniques. This first round is for Western style handsaws. I'll leave Japanese style saws for other folks to cover. Please do not post questions to this thread. Please do post questions to a new...
  4. M

    Symbols and Shortcuts on Index Pages

    There are many symbols on an Index page after you have performed a Search (as in clicking on "New Posts" on the Menu Bar). These symbols are found at the far left, before the Title: is used to signify a thread with new posts in it. marks a thread that does not have any threads that you...
  5. Monty

    Update to the picture posting FAQ

    I figured I would let ya'll know I updated the picture posting FAQ. I've been meaning to add a better explanation of how to handle the placement of attachments, but I keep forgetting. Well, it's there now. Let me know if anything else needs to be added or updated - I haven't read the whole...
  6. chris99z71

    Moderator functions FAQ

    Please forgive me because I feel like this is something that I should know already... I'd like to become more active when it comes to helping with general site stuff like creating photo albums and other assorted service requests. I'm on quite a bit during the day on weekdays so I'd like to help...
  7. SteveColes

    Faq's Forums

    See this We need to figure out a better way
  8. D L Ames

    FAQ for Flash Chat.

    I put together a FAQ for Flash Chat and posted it under the how to forum. Please take a look at it to see if anything needs changed or added. I am going to put together a "How To Use Flash Chat" to explain all the options in Flash Chat as well as how to open up additional rooms. D L
  9. D L Ames

    FAQ for Flash Chat.

    What is Flash Chat used for? The Flash Chat feature is a great way for members to come together to exchange ideas and information on woodworking or just chat to get to know one another better. How can I tell if others are using Flash Chat? In the left column of the NC Woodworker home page...
  10. SteveColes

    New FAQ on Posting photos

    There is a new FAQ about photo posting written by insomniac. It is very good, :eusa_clap Thank you insom.:icon_thum Anyone is confused about this type of thing should take a look
  11. SteveColes

    FAQ and How To's - Part deux

    If I understand what most people where suggesting, I just set it up. Please take a look and let me know if there are any issues. Please note that anybody can create a FAQ or how too, but Unless you are a Mod or admin it will go to the Moderation Queue. All of you willbe notified that something...
  12. SteveColes

    FAQ and How To's

    Clay and I have been having a pm discussion on how to organize and where to put this type of message. As an an illustration of usiong the buile FAQ manger in Vbulletin, I greated the start of an organization and placed clay's material into it. Please read the quotes below and also look at the...

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