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Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! My name is Bill and my family lives in Sherrills Ford on the northern shores of Lake Norman. Lost my job in October 2020, and with time on my hands and no where to go, I finally took the leap and built my first real wood shop. No more dragging tools out on saw horses and extension cords in the driveway! I’m a big DIY guy, so everything was being done on a budget. My shop is the backend of our RV garage, and since walls went up in January, I’ve got an 8’ built in workbench, drill press, rolling tool cabinet, 24x24 sanding downdraft station, dewalt 12.5” planer on cabinet, old Skil saw contractor table saw (more on that later), and dewalt 10” miter saw (still sitting on horses). Everything is hooked to a 1.5HP ShopFox dust collection system with 4” PVC runs and blast gates. I’ve also built a French cleat storage wall above the workbench, so as time permits, I’m building shelves for things there too. Pretty proud of my little space, as the dimensions are only 15’x8’. Our business is custom home decor, and we’ve got a FB and Etsy shop for online presence and also sell at local craft shows and farmer’s markets. I wish I would have found this forum sooner, but I’m here now! Looks like a great place to exchange info and learn. Thanks for the add! Some shop pics and projects:


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Mike Davis

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Welcome to the forums.
I have a stupid question because I don’t know much about home decor.
What is the tree with barbed wire around the bottom?

BnB Custom Decor

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Welcome to the forums.
I have a stupid question because I don’t know much about home decor.
What is the tree with barbed wire around the bottom?
Ah, very good question. Another picture with this item in use should help clarify. And for the record, most of my workload comes from my wife, but most of my inspiration comes from nature. This specific project was a conversation with my brother, an expert hunter, that says, “Hey, could you make something like this?” 4” cookie from a red oak that fell in my yard, coupled with an older cedar fence post, and a lot of epoxy, and voila, you’ve got a skull tree!


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Welcome, Bill. Don't think I've ever see a skull tree before, but it looks right at home in what I'm guessing is your brother's man cave. Nice work.


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WElcome Bill - we are glad you found us - looks like you are on the right path!

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