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Hey all,

I have a project that I hope someone will be interested in.

I like to make personalized boxes to use as gifts for friends, family, & others, however, I do not like the cheaply, mass produced gift boxes you can get from a gift store. I have also been meaning to take some woodworking courses so I can just do everything in house, without having to bother anyone else, however, trying to find time (& money) for a class can be tricky. The woodshop I use to get unfinished boxes from has been retired, so now I'm searching for a new one, until I can make them myself.

The project is this: Two unfinished, wood boxes.

Here are the specs I used at the last woodshop:

Wood: Alder
Bottom: Solid Wood
Inside Dims: 11" L x 8" W x 2½" H (ID)
Outside Dims: 12” L x 9” W x 3½" H (OD)
Style: Standard Lid (lid cut @ ⅜" inside)
Corners: Rabbet Butt Joints
Edges: Slightly Rounded
Hinges: Standard Rounded
Latch: Gold Hook Latch
Hardware: Installed (long side)

The type of wood is flexible, it just needs to be a softer wood. And the latches and hinges are optional, I can take care of that part myself if you don't have the parts.

If anyone is interested in helping me complete this project please let me know and send me a quote!


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