1. K

    Custom Box Project

    Hey all, I have a project that I hope someone will be interested in. I like to make personalized boxes to use as gifts for friends, family, & others, however, I do not like the cheaply, mass produced gift boxes you can get from a gift store. I have also been meaning to take some woodworking...
  2. Redwood


    Swing before finish.
  3. Redwood


    Swing and Adirondack Chairs
  4. Redwood


    Finished swing
  5. wdkits1

    Custom Beer Tap Handle

    Hi Everyone This is a Custom Beer Tap Handle of the Hamilton Crest I just completed. Overall dimensions are 8 1/2" tall x 3.75" wide The Intarsia consists of 60 pieces from 9 different woods. The biggest challenge on this project (besides working with lots of little pieces) was bending the 2...
  6. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Quilted mahogany body, nec, 2 p90 , one Tele single coil pickups, purplehaert p90 cover and surround,,
  7. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Koa body, neck telecaster, nitro sunbust finish, hollowed out under Koa pick guard
  8. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    First guitar, semi hollow telecaster,, bookmatched 1/4 Brazilian rosewood top, back,,, 15 pices crap braz. Rswd neck,,
  9. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    My design , semi hollow bookmatched top, back quarter sawn white oak, on reclaimed yellow pine,, poly fin. Body, nitro lac, nec
  10. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Purple nitro lacquer over 2 piece quilted maple top and back,,, back is dyed red with kingwood center divider,, has 3 piece Koa neck
  11. custom violin

    custom violin

    Semi hollow electric violin, 2 piece quilt maple on reclaimed pine hollow frame,, purple trantint dyed,, nitro lacquer. Finish
  12. custom violin

    custom violin

    Custom violin
  13. Stuart Kent

    Hot Off The Press!!!

    I'm shouting from the mountain top again (although it's really more like almost sea level here and the trees are way higher than my house). My third and latest ad just came out in Our State Magazine! Help support professional woodworking in NC - and spread the word about my custom furniture...
  14. Custom Knife Block

    Custom Knife Block

    This Custom Knife Block is 17" wide by 14" deep by 14 " tall and weighs 45lbs. Holds 59 knives, 3 steels and a pair of shears. Made from Cherry,Tiger Maple with Ebony accents
  15. wdkits1


    Hi Everyone I was commissioned to do 8 of these. They are made from Peruvian walnut( laminated 5 Ply for strength ) and scrolled, then attached to a 37” tapered Mahogany shaft with a brass tip. I used my bandsaw jig to taper the shafts then turned the round knob and attached together with a...
  16. woodworker2000

    Request for Quote for Laundry Room Cabinets - Anyone Interested?

    I am considering having some cabinets made for our laundry room. I have thought about making them myself but my wife will probably insist that I get them finished before the next election. With my schedule, that may not be possible. Here is what I am looking for: (1) 24" wide sink base w/2...
  17. D

    Need custom router bit.

    Have a restoration project on a Brownstone in Brooklyn and I need to replace some molding. Does anyone know of someone who can tool routerbits to match a specific profile? Thanks
  18. Walnut Djembe

    Walnut Djembe

    Djembe Drum - walnut and yellow heart
  19. S

    Custom Bass Guitar Build

    Just want to show you all my first bass guitar I built. I've built other guitars but never a bass. This one was incredibly challenging because the body has a radius to it. Nothing was flat so jigs and templates were very difficult. Please let me know what you think. I'm looking to start doing...
  20. S

    Hovarter Single Handle Custom Face Vise

    I've replaced the twin screw face vise on my Holtzapffel Bench with a Hovarter Single Handle Custom Face Vise from I wrote a quick review and posted two 20+ minute assembly/review video's on YouTube. Check you my blog if you're interested in a killer vise...

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