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I think there is interest, but... who, what, when, where... as it typical of a "committee / community project"
Agreed - there's interest, and then there's commitment.

One group I am involved in often invokes a statement that starts with "Well, somebody should (fill in the blank)...."
What that really means is 'Somebody ELSE (not me, I can't commit).'

What we 'should do' with good ideas is different than what we are willing to do (capable of doing?) with these ideas. Unless there is a 'somebody' out there willing to tackle some of this, it won't happen.


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I remain interested, but given my dismal track record of organizing such things in the past I must defer to others with better skills in that area to handle that part of it.


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@Mike Davis I think you start with a list of projects or skills you want people to learn. Determine if it has been covered by another creator well or if there are holes in their presentation or process. Then find 1. someone willing to demonstrate it, 2. someone to video it and 3. someone with the tools to edit it and post it here... simple, right?


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Being a maker is second nature to most of us. We just naturally like to make things. Mostly wood things but also metal, glass, plastic, and even stone things.

Some of us are pretty good at writing about the things we make and a very few have even made short videos about making things.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t mean to insult anyone and I hope I’m wrong. But, I don’t think that any of us are content creators. We are not generally story writers, movie makers, or video instruction creators.

I think that needs to change. I think we could provide top notch exciting instructional videos and build our YouTube channel into one of the best. Or possible even host them here.

What I think we need is a team to produce projects, write scripts, video the process, edit the video, solve any technical difficulties, and publish on the internet.

We can start small and build up over time.

Look at a lot of maker vids. You will see very much the same sort of stale, cold, impersonal, incomplete and sometimes incorrect talking heads going over the same subjects.

We can do better. We can learn. We can build a team.
Mike, my appearance is so poor, all the cameras break during a shoot. I can’t afford replacing cameras all the time. I even look terrible on the most expensive ones.

Wish I could help you but I would rather leave that to Mr. Woodwright. He does it right with wood.

Just jokin.

Mike Davis

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Willem, I probably got you beat in the poor appearance department. That’s why I asked for help or asked to help.

Seriously, if someone is interested in talking to a camera there are some people who will help.


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Personally, most of the maker/craftsman/tool review videos that I see on YouTube could achieve their goal just the same if they were half or two thirds shorter than they are. I don't know of many people who want to sit through 10 minutes + of a video that actually has 3-4 minutes of value. I know that I don't.

I'm a writer, so I could contribute in that way...provided my style meshes with the desired effect the content creator is looking for.
Amen. There must be some incentive for longer production times. We like to be able to fast forward through parts we know and spend more time on the information that is new to us.

Henry W

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Having watched a few of the better ones (Stumpy Nubs, WoodWhisperer, 10 minute workshop) there is always the brand building and other overhead as a part of almost every video. THis that has come to be a part of the 'genre' - necessary evil I think. If we want free content, then advertisers pony up and then creators have to build brands to develop foloowers and attract sponsors or advertisers.

The 10 minute workshop seems to be relatively free of this - although there is always the 'subscribe' request, but that does support being informed of new content. Not sure there are sponsors there - at least not acknowledged, but I could be wrong. He does love Festool... At least others do call our sponsorships.

My point is that all of this sponsorship and brand building does take time in every video.


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Mike, I think if you're planning on doing this, why use youtube?. Yes, I know thats typically the source for such content, but you have a website already. Why not add the content here?. If you can make these videos as good as you're thinking, the "build it and they will come" mantra could work to bring new members, if even from outside of NC. I have been on this site for several years now and I keep hearing the same questions asked over and over... "which ROS should I buy? Which Lathe?. whats the best finishing process for x......?. NC woodworker should have its own library of videos to peruse about these subjects. NCwoodworker undoubtedly has some of the best woodworkers in the nation and should showcase them , if they want to be. Outsiders and newbies join to hear answers and then leave, I have seen so many posts on here devolve into sideline discussions completely unrelated to the original topic, I cant blame them. Maybe some of the sites current sponsors would even step up and sponsor an individual or 2?.
Chris, video hosting needs a lot of broadband, It is much easier to use an external site to do that.

I like the site just the way it is, especially the squabbles you and I have here sometimes. And I can’t believe you still use Shellac in this modern day and age of advanced technology.

Just jokin


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Yes, I think I did say if possible we could host them here. I just don't know if we have the server capacity.

And we have talked about and started a resource library of tutorials with a few very good projects there.

I have asked why they come here to answer one question then leave. I think it is some very negative posts in the past.
I this most of that is gone now, but also some very good people are not coming back.

I would love to see video of your CNC lathe/3D turning center. (Not sure what it is called or exactly what it does)

Yes, I think we should not only sponsor videos but also help in any way possible.
You can always post the videos to YouTube and link them here. No need to waste server space. You will also gain a larger audience that way.

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