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I'm building some walls for a friend that has leased a 10' x 10' space to sell her crafts. The walls will be 5' wide and 7' tall. I plan to use 2' x 4' framing and some 1/4" material for the wall face. How wide should the 'feet' be to support the structure and keep it from tipping forward and back? She doesn't plan to display a lot of items on the wall, they will just be more decorative than the existing pipe and curtains. I was thinking a total of 2'. she can't encroach into any space outside of her 10 x10 footprint so all the support needs to be on one side. Below is one thought. The walls will also be an "L" shape, so I can add some corner support, but since this will be in 5' wide sections the ends could get a little wobbly.

Will that be enough or should it have more real estate on the floor? The framing is planned as shown due to the wall material requested is only available in 4' lengths. Will 2 "L" front supports be enough per 5' section?

Craft wall feet.JPG

Craft wall front design.JPG


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This is one of those questions that is not only hard to answer, but even hard to frame the calculation because the tipping force changes as the wall starts to tip. Here's a quick spreadsheet that will provide some insight. Enter in the desired parameters and then look at the two angle columns. When they turn red that's the angle when the center of gravity exceeds the end of the legs. There are two directions, pushing from the outside in and vice versa. It would seem that you want to minimize the exterior legs so there is no trip hazard for customers. This means you want the ballast closet to the wall (on the inside). Because the required tipping force diminishes rapidly, I'd choose a design that keeps the angle to a few degrees.

PM me with your email and I'll send you the excel spreadsheet.


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