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I have a similar problem as others looking for a new TS except that my small space really restricts the size of the TS that I buy. I have an old Craftsman 10" TS that I inherited from my Dad from the 70's. It is direct drive, has a cast iron top with a stamped steel wing on the left, and a small router table mounted between the rails on the right. It can rip about 24" wide sheet stock. Splitting a sheet of plywood is about all I can ever expect to accomplish in my small shop.

I am looking for a new TS that is compact enough to fit in the same shop area. I would like the same cast iron table, but would prefer cast iron wing on the left and the ability to mount a router table to the right of the table. I would like to have a much nicer, more accurate fence than the one on the little Craftsman.

I will consider either a contractor style, cabinet style, or hybrid.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what type/brand saw would give me these compact dimensions, plus the quality features of some of the bigger saws? Am I expecting too much from a compact saw?

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You are going to get more responses and recommendations than you ever dreamed of which helps with the confusion.

IMO, brands have become confusing as the quality and features vary even with the same manufacuturer model to model. I would definitively recommend wheels or a good mobile base. The cast iron wings are a plus IMO as well, but you pay extra for them. I know DeWalt and Jet both make hybrid saws, but I don't know if they are cast iron. I know several members have the DeWalt hybrid and are quite happy with it.

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I have had the Rigid TS2400LS for about a year now and it has performed very well. It doesn't have the cast iron top or wings but has an excellent fence and a pretty decent rip capacity. The big plus is the roll-around base. The whole saw can fold up to a pretty compact size for storage.

About he only thing that I think that I will be upgrading is the OEM blade to something a little better.You can check out the saw's spec's here:

Good luck with the hunt!

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