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Some of the long term members may know that I held a sharpening class for three women against the wishes of the founder of this forum. They wanted to learn without the condescension that they had experienced in classes before.

That class was the start of workshops and classes and eventually the Outreach Program here.

We continue to offer low cost/free classes from several volunteer teachers and I would like to expand these opportunities. In order to do that we need more volunteers to teach and to help with the classes. If you would like to teach please contact me or one of the Board members and we will help you to start.

I am also looking for other educational opportunities for the members and especially underserved youth, non traditional woodworkers, and anyone who is uncomfortable with traditional male dominated industrial classes.

As usual I have not cleared this with anyone and only hope to gain the support of the Board and members. This is my thoughts and goals only. I think most will agree that the classes have been valuable and helpful and I hope to get a lot of new people involved. This is a grassroots movement that everyone should take advantage of as a trainer or student.
I was one of those three women and the class was fantastic! We really appreciated Mike sharing his time and knowledge with us in a setting that was really conducive to learning.

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