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Hello all,

My son just bought a 1965 brick ranch with great bones and I am in the midst of doing some renovations. They would like to remove the center post from the cabinets in order to accommodate wider dishes and I need to know if that will cause issues. (Photo attached)

The cabinets are original all wood construction and are nailed together rather than dadooed or screwed.

Please advise at your earliest convenience and thank you all for your expertise.




Charles Lent

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In that cabinet, probably not, How is it fastened in? Are the shelves supported by this piece? If it is, the shelves might sag a bit later. If pocket holes from behind it may be as easy as using a #2 square tip screwdriver. In all likely hood, it is also glued top and bottom and may have nails, depending on it's age and whether or not it was custom built or manufactured, so you may have some issues cleaning up the areas where it was attached. Bondo and paint come to mind. If it doesn't come out easily, ie pocket screws, I would remove the post, but leave a short piece top and bottom to work on separately. Then careful removal of these two ends via whatever means necessary, probably using a chisel to split them and then remove small pieces at a time.


Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Fein oscillating tool and done in 10 minutes


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I agree with all these comments. I like my Fein but I now reach for my Milwaukee 12V more since power is similar and the 12V is handier. I would use a carbide blade, however. It will go through nails faster and with less damage to the blade. But the blades are expensive.

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