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Hey y'all, Hope that Santa was good to y"all. I'm just a wannabe woodworker who has a learning disability and limited critical thinking skills. Anyway, I was thinking of trying some mortise and tenon work on a side table. I've never even attempted to make a M&T joint, but I have researched the Beadlock system to make a floating tenon. This system seems pretty basic, so it would be a rather easy option for me and way less cheaper than purchasing even the basic Domino. I have a Dewalt 618 router with both bases and a Micro Fence edge guide, therefore, I could possible make my mortises with this setup. But I do not have extensive experience with the router. All of you are way more experienced than I, therefore, I value ALL your thoughts, ideas, experiences and so forth . Stay healthy all my friends and have a great New Year. Thanks sooo much.


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The Bead Lock jig uses a drill and you purchase the tenon. It’s from Rockler
Rockler Beadlock® Pro Joinery Kit
Easily produces incredibly strong and totally concealed joints.
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