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Went online at Klingspour's to make a purchase today. I didn't see anything about a discount for DQ status up to the final checkout point. They had a field for a coupon code, but don't know what that would be.

What did I do wrong?



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it is a download they get from our site, but I do not know the frequency in order for it to show in their systems. One of the site admins can speak to when you should be able to take advantage of it.


The list of changes is distributed at the end of each month (28th I believe) after a member gains or looses DQ status.

I have not used the DQ program myself, but I'm not sure that you can count upon it being automatically applied but that you need to ask them for maybe a voice mail order or contact them immediately after submitting an online order to followup on it or, if a comment/notes field is available, include that info in the order comments area.

Hopefully some others can give you more definitive info as to how to take advantage of the discount via mail/online order.

Hi All DQ members of Klingspor's Woodworking Shop!

This is how it works on our side and I hope this helps all:

1. We receive the list regulary from your admin system stating DQ - Add or Drop - requirements on your end I cannot answer - sorry.
2. If adding you to our club program: We flag your main account with your DQ status.
3. If dropping we obviously take the discount status away.
4. To use this function: A. In store - if we have been sent your information we will have your contact information in our system and when asked at store level - if all matches it will automatically give you a discount on each item that is qualified to be discounted - 95% of all items without a cord or battery or lumber. B. In catalog - when you call in and our CSR starts process the system recognizes you by your address etc. and will auto discount if flagged to do so. C. ON WEB - this is a tad trickier but easy enough. IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN - YOU WILL GET DISCOUNT. ***ONLY WAY SYSTEM KNOWS WHO YOU ARE IS TO LOG IN WHEN COMING TO THE SITE*** If not logged in, our system will not recognize you until downloads back to our site and thus doesn't know to show you discounted pricing. BY THE WAY - if logged in and you are DQ Qualified - you will see the discounted price on each item. If no sale price then not DQ item.

Hope this helps.

TO log in: Top right corner of home page. You will see HOME : LOGIN - select Login and create your account information or you can call our 800 # and we can do it with you.

If any questions, don't hesitate to call or email me with questions.

We thank you for your business and I hope we can help you soon.

Coleman Fourshee
800-228-0000 ext 3700
CELL: 828-381-5458
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