1. Scroll Saw Wrench

    Scroll Saw Wrench

  2. Scroll Saw Wrench

    Scroll Saw Wrench

  3. Scroll Saw Wrench

    Scroll Saw Wrench

    Here is something I made my sweet lady the first week she had her scroll saw… She needed a way to get a better grip on the blade retaining thumbscrew. I made this “Scroll Saw Wrench”, and gave it some length so she can easily deal with the one below the table too… I made a place in the handle to...
  4. eyekode

    Drill press chuck key and spanner wrench?

    Any good local sources for a drill press chuck key and a spanner wrench to match the collar above the chuck? I think I need a "K3" chuck key. My old drill press key had this marking and worked fine on my new to me PM1150A. As for the spanner wrench I am not familiar with these but I need...
  5. christopheralan

    8” Bionic Wrench by Logger Head Tools

    This is the 8” Bionic Wrench by Logger Head Tools. It is one of the coolest tools I own. Thanks to innovative design and engineering, it automatically adjusts to any size hex-head fastener from 7/16 inch to ¾ inch and from 11mm to 20mm. This had Super Hero Belt status immediately. Being a...
  6. eyekode

    "Thin" 12mm wrench

    I need to sharpen the blades on my jointer and my 12mm wrench is too porky to fit. I am thinking it must have originally come with a stamped metal wrench. Any idea where I could buy one of these? (without paying 8$ for shipping and waiting...) Thanks! Salem
  7. DaveO

    Bosch takes care of their customers

    In my on-going saga of issues with the Bosch Colt I have received nothing but excellent customer service from them. Originally I had the spindle lock button strip out and with some sage advice found here I contacted Bosch and a spindle wrench showed up at my door Thread. Well then the spindle...
  8. Bas

    Delta Shopmaster table saw wrench

    A friend of mine has a Delta Shopmaster TS200. To change the blade, you need two wrenches. A regular wrench will do fine for loosening the nut, but you need a thin stamped steel wrench to hold the arbor. Does anyone know where to get one of these? :icon_scra Neither the DeltaPorterCable nor the...

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