1. A

    Matching worm maple with another wood

    My next project is going to be some night stands. As of right now I plan on building the whole thing out of worm wood thanks to Jack (saw4you) for offering to bring it to me , however I have also considered using a combination of woods. I know I at least want the top of the night stands to be...
  2. Bugle

    Minor wood gloat

    My nephew is a project manager for a construction company. As you know, contractors sometimes waste a lot of materials. They installed an Australian Cypress floor in a new home recently and were going to THROW AWAY :BangHead: the left over flooring. He couldn't stand to see it go to the...
  3. golfdad

    Wood suppliers

    Have to go to Monroe this weekend...any good wood stores or lumber yards down that way?:saw:
  4. MarkE

    Spinny wood?

    Might be good for you spinner folks. :gar-Bi http://raleigh.craigslist.org/mat/2610396336.html Cherry Wood - $1 (Cary) Date: 2011-09-21, 3:40PM EDT Reply to: sale-deqwz-2610396336@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Approx 35 pieces of Cherry, roughly 32 inches long as seen in...
  5. Asheville Hardware

    Build a wood plane class

    Just wanted to let you all know, there is still room for a couple open spots in the Wood Plane class I am teaching here at the store tomorrow. Wood planes perform unlike any metal bodied plane out there. They provide unparalleled feedback when in use, letting you know through tactile feedback...
  6. D

    Wood transport from Asheville to Raleigh area?

    I'm looking for someone to haul a good-sized load of lumber from Asheville to Raleigh. This is a heavy load (5000+ lbs). Any truckers out there? Or can you recommend someone I can contact?
  7. C

    Wood Choice

    What would be a good complementary or contrasting wood to use with cocobolo? My brother saw a small cocobolo bowl that I had made and he liked it. So I am thinking about either making a platter or a bandsaw bowl for him and his wife for Christmas. But was thinking about using 2 woods. Any...
  8. K

    wood drying when

    This may need to be combined with my previous thread of "wood drying", but it is a parallel subject. After getting responses on the previous thread and being a bit "green" myself, I got to wondering if there is a chart somewhere that says for example, white oak is best cut and dried during this...
  9. kernnal

    Old # 8 Bailey Wood Plainer

    Thought somebody may be interested in this...not mine. http://eastnc.craigslist.org/tls/2583304483.html
  10. K

    milled wood

    I have some white oak that I bought from a man with a woodmizer mill. The boards are fairly square to start with but not exact. It is not like buying rough lumber from Woodwurth with at least 1 square face on it. What is the best way for me to start. My oak is flat and straight, no curls, bends...
  11. K

    wood drying

    How long (I know you can't say for sure) does it usually take for lumber to air dry once it has been milled. I am looking a having some trees milled and didn't know how long that I would have to store them before I could actually use them. I have poplar, oak and maple that I am looking at milling.
  12. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak and Ash for Sale! Possible wood run!

    I have some real nice 5/4 red oak and ash in 5' lengths. This wood is kiln dried and beautiful, straight, flat with gorgeous grain. I'm asking $2.50 BF and I have approximately 350 BF of oak and 250 BF of ash. I am in Iron Station, NC. Iwould consider bringing this along to Burlington if amyone...
  13. J

    Anyone in Fayetteville willing to rip some wood?

    All, While I generally enjoy working with hand tools, cutting a few hundred planks for models by hand gets old after a while if done with a hand ripsaw. What I'm wondering is if anyone would be willing to let me rip the boards I'm starting with on a table saw to save me some work? Thanks much, John
  14. F

    Help me ID this wood...

    Here is the freshly planed board: Here with a couple coats of oil: It's an old board, it splinters easily, and stain is blotchy on it (although oil works well). I think it is just old quartersawn pine, but i'm no expert...the rays in it are throwing me off.
  15. bluthart

    UPDATE - Greensboro Wood Run

    Most of the lumber I had was taken to a High School in Davidson. I still have some nice stuff for sale though. I still have some 4/4 Poplar in 5' lengths, and some gorgeous 5/4 red oak in 5' lengths. This is nice straight, flat, kiln dried wood, in 5' lengths. Widths vary from 5" to 10"...
  16. Barn Wood Dining Table

    Barn Wood Dining Table

    DIning Table made from 100+ year old reclaimed Barn Wood
  17. CrealBilly

    fpl_gtr190 (Wood Handbook 2010 version)

    Here is a URL to what those in the wood products industry call "the book" - basically it's 509 pages of whatever you would want to know about all different kinds of wood. Reading through "the book" I bet you'll be amazed just how much you'll learn. Downloadable PDF is here --->...
  18. ScottM

    Pallet Wood

    Yes I am posting this in the right forum. I read this post by "Bernie from NH" on the Scroll Saw Forum and thought it was important enough to share. "To begin with, I mean no disrespect for anybody using pallet wood - I've used some myself. But I would like to throw up a red flag using this...

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