1. Rick M

    Making a pipe

    I've wanted to do this for a long time and Flootsie's recents posts have spurred me on. Normally one would use well seasoned wood but I have these pear offcuts and decided to turn them green, dry, then touch up as necessary. Started by making and printing a design for a poker style pipe which...
  2. mbeach

    Wood for smoking

    Does anyone have or know where I can get wood for smoking? My BIL has a green egg grill/smoker We are looking for wood chunks like apple, maple, hickory, alder, cherry, etc
  3. Ken Massingale

    Turning And Smoking Stock

    Cherry and Maple for turning the smoker, Sweetgum for turning and burning. If any turners are in the area give me a yell. I have some big Maple crotches too big for me to turn, and more smaller crotches of all 3 trees available for the taking. There's more than I can ever use.
  4. New York corner chair

    New York corner chair

    Copy of a chair in the Garvin Collection
  5. N

    Let's Quit Smoking

    Hey Guys and Gals, I know this is not about woodworking, but hopefully it will help someone out. For several years I always said I was going to quit smoking. I tried the gum, patches, chantix, and other drugs all to fail. Well this year I sorta cheated a little. I saw an electronic cigarette...
  6. Douglas Robinson

    1 year since Travis Porter quit smoking tomorrow.

    If I am remembering right, tomorrow will make it one year without smoking for our own Travis Porter. I know a lot of you have quit this year and I hope it is going well, and you are spending the money you saved on new toyls! Travis, way to go! It is a great gift to youself, your wife and your...

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