1. Scott Meek

    Check out the 2012 class schedule at Gregory Paolini Design

    The schedule has been released for the GPD Woodworking Academy. There are still a few class descriptions that are missing, but they will be coming soon. Check out the schedule now and be sure to sign up soon for any classes you are hoping to take. I hope to even see some of you in the classes I...
  2. Gotcha6

    Fall Events Schedule

    Let's see, now. We got us a Klingspor/NCWW Showcase this Saturday in Raleigh. We got us a Western NC picnic in Forest City on Oct. 1. We got us a Shop Crawl in the Triad area on October 15 We got us a Klingspor Woodworking Extravaganza in Hickory on October 21-22. Folks if you ever wanted to...
  3. Asheville Hardware

    Fall Class Schedule!

    Our fall class schedule is up on the website now. You can view a list of class descriptions with dates for each time it's offered here. If you prefer a calender view that you can scroll month by month through, check it out here. We even have a PDF of the schedule that you can download here as...
  4. MrAudio815

    GSC Shop Crawl Schedule~! Just One Day Left.

    Hey Everyone, The Goldsboro Shop Crawl is Tomorrow Saturday Feb 6th. :banana: We have four Shops Lined up~! :eusa_clap Starting at 9am at Erasmussen's (Earl The Segmenter) Shops: erasmussen, Gofor, MrAudio815, & dlrion The Schedule is as Follows: 08:00 - 08:50 Hardee's in...
  5. froglips

    The Woodwright's School Winter Schedule...

    Looks like I'm the first one up early enough to get the worm! This just came in my InBox: You might also notice that Bill Anderson is teaching some classes there too! Could I be more excited? :banana: Jim
  6. F

    Finishing schedule for dyed curly maple

    I'm working on a kid's toy chest at the moment. Frame and panel construction, same idea as most of the blanket chests out there. Knowing that maple is splotch-prone, and knowing that I'm trying to dye this a dark red using transtint in an alcohol mixture, what's my best way to achieve this...
  7. B

    2009-2010 Woodworking Shows schedule

    Found this posted today... Make plans now to visit The Woodworking Shows when we arrive in YOUR TOWN! Dallas TX Oct. 23-25 Costa Mesa CA Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Portland OR Nov. 6-8 Sacramento CA Nov. 13-15 Denver CO Nov. 20-22 Twin Cities MN Dec. 4-6 Chicago IL Dec. 11-13 Baltimore MD Jan...
  8. woodguy1975

    JSR Woodworking Class Schedule for the Extravaganza

    I figured I'd go ahead and post my class schedule for the show. I'll be instructing/demonstrating all day Friday and Saturday at the show. The classes are FREE to attend. I should have a nice big area away from the noisy booths and there should be signs everywhere for the classes going on...
  9. J

    Lumber pricing schedule

    I realize that lumber like most everything else varies in price, based on market conditions, environmental factors, supply and demand, availability… But short of comparing several lumber companies and creating my own, was wondering if there is a up to date, by grade, board foot lumber pricing...

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