1. Tree Rounds @ Avondale and Camden in Durham

    Tree Rounds @ Avondale and Camden in Durham

    These are on the side of the road at Avondale and Camden in Durham. I think the address is 1620 Avondale Road, Durham, NC. These aren't mine, nor do I know any details about them. Just thought I would share in case they interested someone.
  2. Kalai

    Monkey pod rounds + more

    Hi everyone, this offer is only for NCWoodworker members. I have 2 size boxes 1 small flat rate priority mail box and 1 large flat rate box. . I can fit about 5 rounds of various sizes in the SMALL BOX as you can see in the picture and I will fill the rest of the box with Koa pen blanks and...
  3. michaelgarner

    Hollows and Rounds Sizes

    Hello friends, I have the stock milled up for my first run of handmade hollows and rounds. I just want to get some sizes/pics of others that people have. If i could get size's of the plane, how far the mouth is back from the front edge, throat angles. That is if you have time friends, be...

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