1. Canuck

    Reading last Post in a Thread

    I have just noticed this evening that if you use the 'check-mark icon' beside a thread title on a previously opened thread, it no longer takes me to the last post in the thread that I had previously read. It displays all posts in the thread starting back at the beginning. I have to then page...
  2. steviegwood

    in need of some reading material

    hi y'all, i just made a deal with matt (mraudio) for some books on woodworking. if anyone has any woodworking books of any kind that they no longer want, dvd's, cd's' vhs's. any how to's what not's to do with woodworking. i sure would appreciate them as i am getting very bored by not being able...
  3. Canuck

    Reading Last Post in A thread

    Good Morning. Starting about an hour ago, I receive the following message when attempting to read the last post of a thread (ie the check mark to the left of the thread title). Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at [path]/global.php(1091) ...
  4. mgoins

    Reading Room Paneling

    Got a small 7x7 room located at the back of the house, under the main stairway, we call our Reading Room. Originally, it was board & batten paneled in old growth pine. It is located adjacent to the kitchen, and had been stripped to the studs when we started our kitchen renovation 2.5+ years ago...
  5. froglips

    Revist new user required reading thread.....

    I finally got around to following Bas's lead and setup a non-admin userid. There is a required-read thread during your first log in. Would there be interest in revising this first page to be less detailed and more of a quick welcome/overview page? Explaining how DQ Qualification works...
  6. ebarr

    Recommended reading

    Many years ago I read several books by Eric Sloane. Tonight I have gotten a few out that I had on the bookshelf and read "A Reverence For Wood" Cover to cover. I don't know that I appreciated his writings the first time I read his books. I really enjoyed it this evening. I will be at the...
  7. L

    Need lesson in reading a Vernier caliper

    Well, I purchased a caliper this afternoon. It has inches and metric measurements. Can I assume that I will not have to concern myself with the metric? It seems easy enough to read but the window that I view the measurement through has lines that don't match the lines on the inches, they are...
  8. DaveO

    Interesting reading

    Stuck at home sick today, I found myself surfing the internet. And while very deeply into results for "woodworking" on Google, I found this page. Interesting and depressing all at the same time. Check it out. Dave:-)

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