1. Sam Knight

    Anyone build this vise or one similar?

    I want to add a moxon style type of vise to my workbench to securing wood for cutting dovetails or hand planing stock. I don't really have the funds to buy the expensive benchcrafted moxon vise kit so turned to youtube. :) Jay Bates has several different versions of his bar clamp twin screw...
  2. Moxon vise, front

    Moxon vise, front

  3. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    A small block allows the holdfast to seat without slamming into the bench.
  4. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cleaning up the pins.
  5. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cutting the tails.
  6. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cutting dovetail pins.
  7. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    The basic bench before the fixed and movable vise fases are installed.
  8. Moxon Vise

    Moxon Vise

    Moxon Vise made out of Hard Maple. Also functions as a carving platform.
  9. Moxon Vise

    Moxon Vise

  10. Moxpn Vise

    Moxpn Vise

  11. KenOfCary

    Moxon Vise - Carving Bench

    I got the Moxon Vise kit from and finally got around to building a combination vise / carving bench with the hardware. I think it came out rather well. With the hard maple it is very heavy and stable once clamped down to the regular workbench. It gives me an additional 5-1/2" of...
  12. eyekode

    Wood screws: Moxon double screw vise and thread for leg vise

    Thanks to Tom (toolferone) I got the chance to use a Beall wood threading kit like this one: Pretty cool kit. Especially the tap that has a guide in front of the threads to make sure you are taping in line with your pilot hole. First...

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