1. LeftyTom

    Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire??

    LOML wants one for our 15 anniversary (April '08). I've seen a few online, but not quite what she has in mind. She wants one with enough height for necklaces (on 18" chains) do not touch the bottom of the compartment, enough ring rolls for a dozen rings, and two or three drawers for earrings...
  2. Badabing

    Need Ceiling mounted hanging outlet (240V)

    I have to move my table saw to the middle of the garage. I need to run the wiring from the existing 240V wall outlet up into the ceiling and across. I would like to have one of those hanging outlets drop down from the ceiling a few feet so I can just reach up and plug in the saw when I use it...
  3. johnpipe108

    Don't leave MT tools mounted when not in use!

    Under humid conditions, a Morse-taper mounted tool can develop corrosion and get stuck if left mounted in the lathe spindle for too long when not in use! :eusa_doh: DAMHIKT! John
  4. erasmussen

    pc 690 mounted

    I got the collet and the wrenches I needed for my new pc 690 yesterday:-D And got it mounted in my cheap router table today. Bought a plastic cutting board (larger one this time) from wal-mart almost $7:crybaby2: got it cut to size for my table, it was thicker then the origonal so I had to...

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