1. charlessenf

    Installing Cathedral Crown Molding Help

    I watched Gary Katz videos*** on Installing Crown Molding on a flat ceiling and was seriously impressed by his approach to teaching the concepts and important points. After spending several hours 'on the net' without finding anything (of a similar quality) on installing Crown on a Cathedral...
  2. BKHam

    Gluing Molding

    i'm working on the lower case of a kitchen hutch type cabinet. the top and bottom are dovetailed into the sides. i want to add a bull nose molding with a small cove on the underside. the front is a long grain glue joint, no big deal. however on the sides, the molding grain is perpendicular to...
  3. CDPeters

    Craftsman Molding Head

    Thanks to fellow NCWWer Scott Kuykendall, I am now the proud owner of a Craftsman molding head set that I've been wishing for for a while. Thanks Scott! I promised Scott I would post some pictures of the first run in the shop, so I prepped some stock from some Spanish oak shipping dunnage I...
  4. Molding_head_007


  5. Molding_head_006


  6. Molding_head_005


  7. Molding_head_003


  8. Molding_head_002


  9. Molding_head_001


  10. W

    Cove molding & Baseboard

    Hey guys, I am working on a built in bookcase and bench. My issue is I am planning on using cove molding to cover the gaps. I need some advice on how to mate the cove molding to the baseboard. If you have some pics that would be fantastic. Once I get it finished I will post some pics...
  11. willarda

    Molding Plane Workshop

    I am conducting a 3 day molding plane workshop at the Woodwright’s School, Pittsboro, NC, March 11-13 (Friday through Sunday). I have a good supply of European steamed quartersawn beech. We will make the bodies, then grind and hone the blades to fit. This is a completely handtool oriented...
  12. W

    Flexible trim molding

    Per request from the Mrs, I am looking to put some flexible trim molding in an area in our master bedroom. Need some insight into where I can find some flexible molding locally and the approx cost? I do not recall seeing this at the local HD or Lowes. Any insight on where I can buy this and...
  13. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  14. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  15. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  16. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  17. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  18. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  19. Buffet - Corner post profile

    Buffet - Corner post profile

    Buffet to be copied
  20. Luckbox72

    Cove Molding

    I am going to make my own cove molding with a jig on my table saw. My question is would it be better to use a cross cut blade or a ripping blade. I am thinking ripping blade since there is more room between the teeth for the saw dust.

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