1. Tarhead

    DW735 Planer for $225 on CLT CL (not mine)

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/696165737.html Best price I've seen in a while. Looks well used so check it out real well.
  2. Tarhead

    PM64 on CLT Craig's List $500 (Not mine)

  3. Tarhead

    Woodmaster #2640 26" Drum Sander for $500 on CLT Craigslist (not mine)

  4. walnutjerry

    Got Mine Today

    Christmas came early guys------------and I got my prize for the calendar contest entry, A REALL NICE 9" square and a bonus coffee cup. Thank you once again Steve and Monty:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap. I know I will enjoy using the "best" square I have ever had. And it looks good...
  5. Jim M.

    Pen box group buy - Got mine today!!!!!!

    Thanks DaveO for putting together the group buy on the boxes. :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap DaveO brought mine by today while he was in town, when I got home and put some pens in them that I was shipping out to friends - Wow they made the pens look amazing! Thanks again DaveO! Jim
  6. Tarhead

    Delta TS $100 CLT Craig's List (not mine)

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/312675703.html Not sure what this is but interesting for $100. It's set up like my old King Seely with the tilt wheel on the right.
  7. H

    Not mine - Powermatic Planer with Shelix Raleigh CL Garner

    another WW item on Raleigh CL - not mine Powermatic 15" Planer w/ Insert Head - $1200 (Garner) Powermatic 15" Planer w/ Insert Head - $1200 Reply to: sale-302992041@craigslist.org Date: 2007-03-30, 7:09AM EDT Powermatis Model 15 Planer with Byrd "Shelix" Insert Head. Taken out of use for...
  8. J

    Not Mine - 300 BF soft maple forsale

    Approx 300 BF of soft maple forsale, barn sticked and stacked, air dry 3 years. Owner is looking for $525.00 which is $1.75 a BF, rough sawn, 4/4 random width 4" - 10" and length from 4' - 10' long. Ted sawed this three years ago for a local guy and he never used it. Thanks
  9. woodworker2000

    ***GONE***Free PC 4112 dovetail Jig in Winston-Salem (not mine)

    See thread here. Not mine. WoodNet Forums: Dovetail Jig "FREE"= Sorry, guys and gals. I didn't see it in time for someone here to respond.
  10. Tarhead

    Another DW735 Planer FS (not mine)

    Wood Plainner
  11. H

    raleight cl, not mine

    Wood working tools, band saw, drill press, large vacum
  12. NCPete

    BIG lathe FS, not mine

    you can see this machine on eBay, I am pretty sure I followed a link to Charlotte's CL from here earlier too, but cannot find it now, so here it is. it's in Oxford.
  13. A

    Free CRAFTSMAN RAS on CL - Not Mine

    Post says it's running but he has no room. I don't either or I'd drive to Mooresville for a RAS! http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/185884657.html
  14. gator

    OK, Here's Mine...

    Sixty-six and retired. Wife, two kids and two grandkids (additional twins on the way - due in Feb, 2006). Wife is an accountant at a nearby hospital. Daughter is divorced and is an ER nurse at the local hospital and has a daughter. Son is a CSI with the Wilson PD and has a son with twins on...

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