1. bowman

    Anarchists workbench 1.0.0

    Lost Art Press by Christopher Schwarz
  2. J

    Ship lap cabinet backs

    Never done one, but I like the appearance. Placed in rabbets in the back of a case I'm guessing that quartersawn wood is preferred. Does that really matter since the individual boards are probably only 3"-4" wide. :dontknow: Is there a recommended minimum/maximum width as a rule of thumb...
  3. L

    Half mitered lap joing

    Does anyone have any hints on achieving the perfect half mitered lap joint? I have used two versions from Woodsmith and come along fine until the mitered cuts are made to join the pieces together. They are lined up looking from the rear of the tablesaw even with the corner, looks simple but I...
  4. A

    Lap Desk (w/pics)

    I haven't done much in the shop lately but did get around to making a lap desk for my father. It is not much, not even my own design, but my dad wanted something that would hold a book in his lap while he is reading. He even sent me a pic- of course he could have bought one for what it cost me...
  5. mac martin

    T.Jefferson lap desk

    T. Jefferson's Lap Desk - Fine Woodworking Issue 144 ( I think) Would like to build it, - But someone took my issue - Anyone have a copy? E-mail me, if you have, Thanks Mac
  6. rick7938

    Lap joint vs Pocket Screws

    I want to build some cabinet doors that will have a flat panel insert. The doors will probably be no larger than 18" X 36". Which would be the preferable method to attach the rails to the stiles - Lap joints or Pocket Screws with plugs? I don't have the means yet to do good quality mortise and...

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